Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dry Winter Skin Fix

My entire life I've had incredibly sensitive skin. While I have been lucky enough to never really have a problem with breakouts, I have always had issues with dry winter skin. No matter what moisturizer I've used, a few seconds after I apply, my skin still feels dry and chapped. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and Aquaphor products solve that problem and are my winter must-haves. Both are pretty thick, so I've found applying right before bed is the best time to use. In the morning you wake up with soft, moisturized skin.

Wardrobe Rut

Recently I've been in a wardrobe rut and desperately need to snap myself out of it, so I've started putting together a few inspirational outfits.

Everything NYC Has To Offer

While I live and work in NYC, I do not take full advantage of everything the city has to offer. This spring I plan to change all that and make a list of activities/excursions I would like to do. I'm sure this list will grow longer as I start to think of more things.

  1. Visit the Museum of Natural History (I haven't been since I was in grammar school)
  2. Visit Coney Island
  3. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Visit NYC/Brooklyn Flea Markets
  5. Eat dim sum in Chinatown
  6. Pottery painting
  7. Central Park Zoo
  8. Explore the shops in the Garment District